To meet clients' need, we have purchased up-to-date equipment and put it into use.

An even electroplating film can be formed on the surface of those products in complex shape by means of electroless chemical nickel plating. The method is thus widely used in surface processing of various products which have high requirements in anti-corrosiveness, hardness and precision. Phosphor is co-separated by means of electroless chemical nickel plating and its separated hardness reaches HV550. An automatic control system is adopted for plating solution so as to guarantee the steady physical performance of electroplating film, such as thickness, hardness, etc. With a complete set of production line, reliable production and management system and advanced inspection instrument, staff members and workers earnest in work are strict in quality inspection. Quality products are thus guaranteed.

Quality guarantee system established on the basis of international standard

Quality is regarded as the foundation stone in Marusawa Electric, as is reflected in each staff member's work. Each working procedure is strictly followed in operation, check is done strictly for each procedure and high quality and efficiency is ensured in production.
In the year of 2001, we smoothly passed the ISO 9001 (2000 version) certification. Throughout the whole process of production, sales and service, from receiving clients' information to providing products and services that satisfy clients, a quality guarantee system has been established strictly according to international standard.
It is the social mission and duties of each enterprise to protect environment of the earth and realize benign circulation of the whole social resources. Marusawa Electric passed ISO 14001 certification in May 2003. The company actively commits itself to environmental protection, efficient utilization of resources and environmental pollution prevention and aims high. As a component and fitting manufacturer, we are not only engaged in the environment improvement and protection of our own, but also actively give counsel to our clients in environmental protection in terms of our clients' products and services. We are doing constant efforts and making innovation in this perspective.