an enterprise that bears the "all-win" faith

"All-win" --- I, you and a third party all win. In this way, will all the three parties share benefits, as is just the way that our enterprise thrives and grows prosperous.
Marusawa "Shibusawa Eiichi" has ever said that "only when you yourself, others and your country become rich, can you be regarded rich. "Ninomiya Sontoku" has also put his idea that "a common way will be found only when happiness is shared" into practice and a great success has been achieved. A well-known saying can be found in the "Art of War" by Sun Zi, that is, "he will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks." All these enlighten us on the principle of fair distribution.
Historical ups and downs suggest that only when we adhere to the faith that "all win", can individuals, enterprises and state develop and survive forever. "All win" is the source of competition, cooperation, work pleasure and life happiness.
1) Diligent staff and workers can harvest health, steady revenue and happy life.
2) The enterprise can attain development and long survival.
3) To make contribution to an area and society.
In order to provide to clients commodities with good credit and of high performance, we fully carry out the principle that "quality the first".
1) To provide satisfactory products to clients, we fully carry out quality (Q), price (C), lead time (D) and service (S) management.
2) We focus on basic task (task criterion) and are making continuous improvement.
3) Clients' opinions and complaints are rapidly responded and resolved, and measures are adopted to prevent from their reoccurrence.